Hostel: a WordPress Plugin for Hostels, Small Hotels and BnB Sites

Create your hostel, small hotel or BnB site with WordPress. Manage rooms, booking, unavailable dates, and more.

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WordPress version required: at least 3.3

Download plugin here: hostel



- Manage your booking mode: accept paypal, manual payments, or don’t allow online booking
- Manage email notifications
- Manage rooms, beds, and prices
- Set unavailable dates when you are on vacations or just don’t want to accept guests in some rooms
- Manage bookings, process payments, contact customers
- List your rooms by using shortcodes


- [wphostel-list] will display a table with your available rooms. A date selector on the top lets the user choose dates of their visit and then the rooms list is updated. If you have enabled booking in your Hostel settings page, the table will also show “Book” button when appropriate. The button will automaically load the booking form.

- [wphostel-booking] displays a generic booking form with a drop-down selector for choosing room, and a date selector. If you use the [wphostel-list] shortcode you most probably do not need this one because the booking form is automatically generated.

For translating the plugin check the Help page under the Hostel menu in your administration.

Community Translations

The following translations are currently available. Please note they are maintained by volunteer translators and we can’t guarantee their accuracy.

Spanish: wphostel-es_ES.po /

20 thoughts on “Hostel: a WordPress Plugin for Hostels, Small Hotels and BnB Sites

  1. camp9

    Hi guys,
    nice plugIn but unfortunately it has some bugs. Please, fix them:

    - everytime I want to edit a room it resets the name of the room and the bathroom “location” to
    - on our website “” you cannot see the type of room. The first
    colum “room title” is not shown on the table. Meaning, the first column is missing entirely.
    - the automatic booking confirmation e.mail to the guest who makes the booking is in html – i.e. not
    - if I want to set the booking form further down on my website the upper part of the date selector stays
    where it is (“from date”). the form splits up and only slides down including the part of “to date”.

    and how does the “show rooms” button work. Where can I edit this function? If I press it nothing happens.

    Anyways, our site is also still in progress…and I like your PlugIn. If you fix the bugs – even more.

    Best wishes

  2. MW

    Hi BPC

    This sounds an interesting WP plugin – which theme would you recommend to use it with ?

    Do you provide any kind of support for the plugin ? Is it still being developed ?

    Also, is there a demo available, to see it in action ?

    Thanks. :-)

    1. admin Post author

      The plugin is in active development. We provide support through the WP forum.
      There is no demo yet but will be soon :)

  3. admin Post author

    Hey camp9, the two bugs are fixed (HTML email and resetting the room type).
    I didn’t quite get what you mean about the listing form? When the button is clicked it refreshes the room availability accordingly to the selected dates.

  4. Wouter

    I really like the plugin. Its nice and simple. It has however a problem in the booking days limit.

    When I book from 27 feb to 2 march, with a 5 day limit, it will promt me the period is too long.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. ravindra

    How to add new currencies like INR which are not there in dropdown list while setting options in wp-hostel

  6. vladar

    Hi. Great plugin. Pitty it is in English only. I’d like to translate it to Serbian and Greek if you provide localization.

  7. stefan

    <input type="button" value="" onclick="window.location='ID, $room['id'], $datefrom, $dateto)?>'">

    its a very very crazy bug :( an bad user can manipulate this and can reserve a loooong time :( please fiiixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx it

  8. vladar

    Hi. I translated the plugin to serbian and loaded po and mo files in lang folder. Now what? Is there some short code for the languages like lang=sr or what do I do to display it in serbian?

  9. Aurelio

    Thank you very much for the plugin.
    I have it installed on WordPress, my question is, you can change the language to Spanish and how.

    Greetings des Spain.


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