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Slum Tourism: A Look at Both Sides of the Debate

When I traveled to South Africa in June just before the World Cup was about to begin, this being my first time there, I had a list of things to tackle including climbing Cape Town’s Table Mountain, hiking in the Drakensberg mountains, going on a Kruger safari, going to the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, and of course, enjoying the World Cup up close. Visiting a township was right near the top of this list.


How to Survive an Airport Overnighter

How to Survive an Airport Overnighter

I bet, and I’m pretty confident about this, that there isn’t a travel itinerary anywhere that is so streamline that there isn’t a night on it unaccounted for, where an early morning flight or intense budget limitations mean that a night on the airport floor is both likely and logical.


Perhaps I’m just too used to using that as a permanent plan B.


Still, the point remains. Traveling on a budget usually includes a flight so cheap that it takes a while for the elation of the price to die down before you realize that you’re going to have to fly/check in at a time never before used as a time to do things except sleep or be drunk. That or have to travel to an airport which is so remote that getting there involves spanning several hundred miles, criss-crossing your way across a country in such a way that you might even start saying you’re embarking on a journey. When it comes to it though, if you’re flying early and aren’t driving to the airport the easiest thing you can do is accept your place on the shiny, sheet ice floor of an airport. My airport floor count is moving worryingly onto multiple hands and I’m actually, in truth, quite fond of them. With that, here are a few vague headers I use to give myself the best chance of making it to the morning feeling in any way human.