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12 VIews That Will Make You Pack For Australia Right Now

Thinking that Australia is only sunny beaches? Let me try to show you otherwise. And don’t blame me if you start packing your backpack after you see these pictures!

They have beaches, yes. And lovely sea viewpoints like this one in Adelaide. Here’s how to get there.

Surpsised? Did you, like many others, though that Australia has no snow? This is the Thredbo Alpine Village in New South Wales.

Green grass and trees? Yes, they have that too. This is Rapid Bay Hill near Adelaide. Looks like European landscape.

And there are city views too. This is Melbourne. Want to get there? Here’s how.

Foggy landscape, they don’t have, do they? Of course they do. Noarlunga Creek, again near Adelaide.

And one more lovely foggy view here. This time in Melbourne.

Australia has such odd places too. This is Kata Tjuta / Mount Olga in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

If you like driving, long empty roads like this are abundant in South Australia.

This stunning sunset is photographed in Kinds canyon in Watarrka National Park.

If you are city guy or girl, you’ll like this photo. It’s from Brisbane.

Trains? Of course, there are some trains too. The Ghan train goes from Darwin to Adelaide.

Are you still here or already on the plane?

And here are some Pelicans – just a small part of the wonderful fauna of Australia. These are in Norah Head, New South Wales.