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A Visitor’s Guide to Mandurah, Western Australia

The town of Mandurah is a coastal destination in Western Australia. Although the town is relatively small compared to nearby cities like Perth, it is a growing tourism location thanks to warm weather, a charming community, exciting water sports and beautiful scenery. The town is also well known for having a number of incredible seafood restaurants that overlook the water. For any upcoming trips to Mandurah, be sure to use this guide for information about travel, popular attractions, recreation, accommodations, shopping and dining.


Getting to Mandurah
Visitors from Australia can drive to Mandurah if desired. Having a car is quiet handy while in the region as there are a number of nearby attractions that are best reached by car. Since there is no public airport in Mandurah, all international visitors will need to arrive at the nearby Perth Airport. Perth boasts a number of frequent flights from around the world. If you arrive in Perth by plane, the best choice is typically to hire a car at the airport and drive the hour long journey to Mandurah. Shuttles and taxis can be arranged but are expensive. Buses are available but can be infrequent and often take up to two hours thanks to frequent stops.

Popular Attractions in Mandurah
Although Mandurah is a growing tourism destination, there are few major tourism attractions in the area. The most popular attractions are primarily natural and scenic destinations. Visitors should be sure to head to the nearby Yalgorup National Park to tour the amazing fossils at Lake Clifton. Families will certainly enjoy the fun attractions at King Carnival in Mandurah. The small amusement park offers games, rides and exhibits that children and adults alike will both find fun.

Recreation in the Area
Much of the fun in Mandurah happens outdoors in the spectacular scenery. Hiking in Kitty’s Gorge will allow you the opportunity to see the breathtaking Serpentine Falls and even swim at their base. In the Peel-Harvey Estuary visitors can swim, kayak, canoe or snorkel among the diverse and spectacular marine life. Off-road driving is popular along the coastline of Preston Beach as well as Tim’s Thicket Beach. Golf enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the number of courses within a short drive of Mandurah.

Marina at Mandurah

The photo above shows the marina at Mandurah.

Accommodations in Mandurah
As an increasingly popular tourism destination, it should come as no surprise that Mandurah is home to a number of accommodation choices for travellers. While there are a few budget hotels, the majority of lodging options are slightly more upscale holiday accommodations. Along with beachfront resorts there are some luxurious villas to rent which can be the best possible way to enjoy a vacation in Western Australia. Enjoy the location and amenities of an upscale resort with the privacy of your own home. Travellers who plan to stay in Mandurah for a longer period of time might be interested in Australian apartments to rent. This can be an affordable way to extend your stay and get a more realistic feel for the culture and atmosphere in the area.


Dining and Shopping Options
There is no denying that the best meals in Mandurah are fresh seafood dishes eaten in Dolphin Quay, the foreshore or any other destination that overlooks the water. The surrounding Peel Region is famous for being home to a number of wineries that produce some of Australia’s finest wine. Be sure to stop by at least one while in Mandurah to try it yourself or bring home a few bottles as souvenirs. Shopping can be enjoyed at the shops in Dolphin Quay for souvenirs, clothing and local homemade products. In particular, the region is known for their fine wooden crafts.

Mandurah Foreshore

A Guide to Campervan Holidays in Queensland, Australia

Queensland, Australia, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. The reason for this is simple – there is so much to see and do. The best part is that it doesn’t even matter what type of person you are. For example, if you’re the type of person who likes to lie on the beach and read a book, then Queensland is for you. If you’re the type of person who enjoys wildlife tours or whale watching, then Queensland is for you. If you’re travelling with family, and you’re looking to visit unique theme parks, then Queensland is for all of you.

The photo above shows a campervan with a hippie look in Queensland.

Regardless of your reason for travelling to Queensland, you’re going to have a difficult decision to make in regards to accommodations. You can look into Australianapartments or rent a campervan. It’s best to choose the former if you know you’re going to stay in one spot and visit all local attractions. If you’re more of an explorer or adventurer, then you need to strongly consider renting a campervan.


Campervans aren’t big and clunky like American RVs. Campervans, on the other hand, are not too big or too small. They’re affordable, comfortable and convenient. In regards to affordability, you can rent a campervan for as low as $30 per day if you only require a campervan that will be comfortable for two people. If you’re travelling with a family, you can still get away with as low as $48 per day. More importantly, when you’re in a campervan, you can experience all the scenic overlooks, parks, beaches and natural beauty Queensland has to offer.


Now let’s get to the good stuff, which is where to go when you choose a campervan holiday in Queensland. We’ll focus on more off-the-beaten path locations and attractions, but before we do, we should at least mention the basic attractions. These include beaches, wildlife tours, cultural exhibitions, art galleries, boutique shops, spas, theme parks, whale-watching cruises and the outback. Some of these themes will be covered more specifically below.

This campervan is parked at Inskip in Queensland is ready to tour wherever the owner wants to go.

If you’re a true adventurer, you need to take advantage of the amphibious crafts that cross deserted beaches. These amphibious crafts will also visit estuaries, as well as the Bustard Head Lighthouse. For a more water-based adventure, as well as romance, go on a guided kayak tour during sunset. If you’re travelling with a significant other, then this will surely be a tour to remember for a lifetime.


Sticking with the water theme, consider going sailing around the Whitsuny Islands. This is a great experience, especially if you have a great guide, which is likely. If you want to witness a natural wonder, visit 75-Mile Beach on Fraser Island. One of the most underappreciated attractions in Queensland is Aloomba Lavender. Here you will find 4,000 acres, cattle and rolling hills. It doesn’t get more beautiful, regardless of what country you’re in. A few peaceful Queensland attractions to consider include Alpha Native Flower Garden, Anzac Square War Memorial and Apex Park And Lookout.


If you want to visit theme parks, begin at Aussie Waterballs, which is one of the coolest and strangest things you will ever see in your life. For more traditional entertainment, go to Aussie World, which is home to a Ferris wheel, slides, games and more. Bellingham Maze is a lot of fun. It’s for all ages, and it features mazes, brain-teasing puzzles and some unexpected surprises. If you have a need for speed, visit Big Kart Track.


In order to see all of this, or at least most of it, you’re going to need a campervan. If you’re only going to choose one, two or three attractions that are all within close proximity to one another, and you’re travelling with family, then consider Queensland villas instead.