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Best Ways To Reach New Zealand From Europe

New Zealand is a great place to visit for sure. The problem for us Europeans is that it’s way too far away. In fact it’s probably the farthest trip destination on Earth with the questionable  exception of Antarctica. By the way, New Zealand is a good hub for visiting Antarctica. But let’s get to Zealand without crashing the bank first! So, what are the reasonable options for the European citizen? Let’s see.


From London

The most logical choice for most Western Europeans would be London. Flights for the upcoming New Zealand Summer start from around $1,400 for return trip to Auckland. Some of the most affordable flights surprisingly go through Seoul, South Korea. Be prepared for two approximately 11 hours long flights.

Other good options are often offered by Emirates with stop in Dubai, UAE. and sometimes a second stop in Sidney, Australia.

From Rome

If you are closer to Italy, do not hesitate to search for a flight from Rome. You can find one a bit cheaper – for about $1,300 return trip. The cheapest flights from Rome also usually include stop in Seoul. Sometimes the best deal comes from China Airlines but be prepared for more stopns – in Delhi, India, then in Taiwan, and maybe even one in Sidney.

From Istanbul

If you are living in South-East Europe, your best option might to fly from Istanbul. Istanbul is easily reached from most European countries and its neighbors can even go by land. Flights from Istanbul are also cheapest – I can see deal for about $1,200.

Best prices are currently offered by Turkish Airlines and go through Abu Dhabi and Sidney.

Malaysia Airlines often have good offer too. Their planes stop only in Kuala Lumpur which makes them more comfortable. It’s in the middle of the road so you will have to do approximately two 10 hour long flights.

From Singapore

WTH, Singapore is not in Europe yet?! Of course it’s not and I guess it will never be 🙂 Think about what kind of great trip you can do for nearly the same costs. Flights from Singapore start at about $700 and often include just one stop in Brisbane, Australia. You can get to Singapore from Europe for about the same $700 and enjoy few days stay here. Moreover, Singapore is next to Malaysia where you can get overland. So if your goal is leisure trip, you can visit two nice countries along your way to New Zealand without drastically to increase your costs.

Visiting neighbor countries or countries along the way to somewhere turned into my best strategy to see more of the world with less money. We always try to do this when visiting a small country and often arrange connecting flights with few days takeover instead of buying connecting flight from the airlines. The costs are only a little higher but the saving compared to visiting both destinations on two independent trips is huge. So think about this if you plan a trip to new Zealand or any other long trip involving connecting flights.

Of course you also need to have the extra time – otherwise it’s just rushing the things to put more flags on the map.

And Once There?

Here are few things to check regarding your stay in New Zealand:

7 Places To Visit in New Zealand

Have not visited New Zealand yet? Don’t rush to buy the first tourist package you see on ad. Check what places worth a visit first and better build your own route and go as independent traveler.

1. The Coromandel Peninsula

Stony Beach

A steep and hilly place with wonderful views. If you like places that are uninhabited and wild, the peninsula should be in your must visit list.

The population in the peninsula is spread over few small towns on the coasts. There is wonderful nature there and volcanic formations so don’t forget your camera.

Learn more about the peninsula here.

2. Queenstown

Queenstown is one of the most popular destinations in NZ especially for these who are interested in skiing and hiking. With its population of just about 10,000 you may see more tourists than locals. Still it’s a very calm place and far away from the stress in the big cities.

Here are some things to see there:

  • Lake Wakatipu
  • Ben Lomond mountain
  • Southern Lakes district
Queenstown is a resort center so it’s easy to reach it by air, or by a bus or car.


3. Westland Tai Poutini National Park

Looking for rainforest and scenic lakes? Add another pin on your travel map. Near the park you can find Franz Joseph Glacier and the Fox Glacier.

Learn more about the park here.

4. Cristchurch

Again, we are picking a place in the South island. This largest city there has most of the historic and heritage buildings. Regardless of it’s large (for New Zealand) population of 360,000 inhabitants Christchurch is extremely peaceful and traveler-friendly city.

With its temperate climate it’s good to visit at any time of the year. Christchurch is reachable by bus, train or airplane.

Learn more about what you can see and do there from Wikitravel’s guide.

5. Nelson

If you are more into arts and crafts plan a visit to this small city. It’s surrounded by beautiful mountains so nature lovers have something to see as well. The city holds many music festivals and the great Nelson Kite Festival.

Nelson is easy reachable by bus, boat, car or plane.

6. Punakaiki

Instead of explaining you why you should visit Punakaiki, have a look at this image gallery.

7. Aukland

Of course the visitor to New Zealand is most likely to land in Aukland. There is no need to rush through it – better ensure you have at least a couple of days to spend there.  Try to visit at least some of these locations:

  • Auckland War Memorial Museum
  • Antoinette Godkin Gallery
  • Auckland Botanic Gardens
  • Awaroa Walkway
  • Cornwall Park
  • Glenbrook Vintage Railway
  • Kiwi Valley Farm Park
  • Museum of Transport and Technology
  • Sky Tower
  • Zealandia Sculpture Garden
Having even more time? See 50 must dos in Aukland!

If you have already been to New Zealand and think there are better places to visit, share your opinion in the comments.