Good Backpacks

If you are a backpacker you most probably need a backpack 🙂 The good backpack must be comfortable, not too heavy, good-looking, and robust.
The best backpacks aren’t cheap but are well worth the money. I am using one from 2006 and visited more than 10 countries with it, plus numerous local trips and treks here in my country. It can’t be purchased online, but I have selected several good ones from Amazon. Have a look:

Condor Compact Assault Pack

This is 1362-Cubic Inch / 22 litres. It’s a bit small which can be good because it will fit as hand baggage in most airplanes. It’s probably not large enough to handle all your baggage on a trip abroad though. I loved it because it has a lot of zips and pockets and weights only 1 kg / 2.2 lbs.

28″ Hiking Backpack by Everest

This one is cheaper and bigger. It’s also heavier but should be enough to get all your stuff when you go on a hike or trek.

Hiking Trail Pack with Chest & Hip Straps

Comfortable and good for its price. Don’t expect it to last forever though – this kind of backpacks aren’t suitable for many long trips.

Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack

Now this is a true gem. It’s very durable and very well composed with the pockets, shape and all. Functional, well-fitting, and well-made.

Osprey Packs Kestrel 48 Backpack

Comfortable and versatile with a back mesh to reduce back sweating. Very good choice.

JanSport Carson External Frame Backpack

This is a big (80 l / 4900 cubic inches) and well designed backpack for travellers. It’s also a very sobust item that can last for many trips and adventures.

7000 Cubic Inch Alpine Trekking/ Hiking/ Climbing/ Camping Backpack

And here’s a huge backpack if you want such! It’s for trekkers, climbers, backpackers, and everyone who is fit enough to bring all their backgage on the back.

Black Diamond Speed 22 Camping Backpack

Very well-looking one. It’s also ultra-light, shipping weight only 12 ounces.

Deuter Traveller 70+10

It’s expensive but very compact and well thought product. The detachable daypack lets you bring one backpack only but have a small item for your city trips.

Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker II 70 Adjustable Travel Pack

Here’s another very well designed and very robust backpack. The price is a bit high but as I said in the beginning – the good backpack will serve you for years and many travels. The cheap one will leave you in the least suitable moment of your trip.

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