Hostel & Couchsurfing Accommodation Alternatives

When it comes to backpacking, hostels and couchsurfing top the list of accommodation options. They’re cheap – and in the case of Couchsurfing free – and they’re a great way to meet new people. Every now and then though, you just want some “me time”; some time to yourself in which to read, give your liver a breather and enjoy your own personal space. Here’s a few options.

House Sit

House sitting is a great way to get around, especially if you want to really get to know an area. The concept is simple, look after other people’s homes and pets while they’re away and in return get the accommodation to live there for free.

Of course there are usually some responsibilities but these usually don’t equate to more than plant watering and looking after pets, which usually means feeding, cuddling and in the case of dogs, walking.

Go Camping

Camping is a cheap way to get around. The downside can be having to carry your own tent around with you, but if you’re touring one country or continent, and it’s reasonably dry, you can usually pick up a tent for the price of a couple of nights in a hostel. From there you can either choose to stay at campsites or go wild camping.

Wild camping is only legal in some countries, so be sure to check the rules before you do so. Campsites are also slightly better for camping newbies, as they come complete with facilities such as toilets and shower blocks, meaning you don’t have to pretend you can clean yourself with leaves and rainwater.

Go Wwoofing

Wwoofing stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and is a system that connects travellers with organic farms worldwide that need some extra help gardening or looking after the animals.

Although you will be required to do some work during the day (usually up to 4 hours) after that you’re free to explore the area, which is usually the quiet and serene countryside.

Take a Road Trip Across Australia

Get your expenses (including accommodation and fuel) paid for by driving cars from one side of Australia to the other. If you’re looking for some serious alone time, this could be an option to not only see a bit of Australia but do it for very little money. Car rental companies often need vehicles in another part of the country and take on drivers to take them across. In Australia one of the main websites for checking out opportunities is and there are an increasing number of companies offering similar opportunities in Canada and North America.

From working on farms, to taking a roadtrip across a country, there are plenty of ways to get that meetime without spending a fortune on hotel rooms.