How To Become A Millionaire Whilst Backpacking

All backpackers face the same problem….. money! How can you travel the world and also enjoy the finer things in life? Life on the road means you won’t be staying in the same place for very long, compromising work opportunities and forcing you into short term employment, fruit picking or seasonal work and low skilled vacancies. Which, lets face it, are at the bottom end of the pay scale. But there are ways achieve millionaire status whilst youtravel!

The easiest and most obvious way is to travel to a destination where currency works in your favour. The country of Laos for instance has the KIP as it’s national currency.

At current rates $122 USD will give you a cool 1 million KIP. That means you can even be a multi millionaire if you like! Treat yourself to an expensive hotel or hostel! Although buying higher priced items in the millions can get quite confusing!

Other ways that you can make money whilst backpacking and travelling are a little harder and require a bit more effort. There is no guarantee that you will be making easy money with any method but whilst your on the road every little helps.

Write a travel blog

Setting up a small website to update your friends and family about you latest backpacking adventures is a great idea but can also help generate some much need cash! Setup a hosting account with companies such as GoDaddy or Just Host, register a great domain name and easily install free blogging patforms such as WordPress onto your hosting account. Setup your site and use it to attract other travellers and readers from around the world. Add advertisements to your blog and earn some extra money from your visitors.

Then…… Sell your articles

There are many websites that will happily pay you for submitting great articles that other people can use on their websites. Here are a few of the top article publishing websites.


Create your content from scratch or just work on your travel blog posts and turn them into great selling stories.

You may aswell make some money out of your travel diary or travelblog and it’s also good to know that your travel experiences are all backed up online!

Do you know any more ways to make money whilst backpacking? Please share them below!

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