Review of GoToBus Backpacker and Tour Buses in the USA

Our comparison of New Zealand backpacker buses is attracting a lot of attention so I decided to go on and talk about other backpacker and tour buses accross the world.

This time I am presenting you a short review of GotoBus.

Nice selection of REAL buses!

Bus Tickets

Travelling by bus in the USA isn’t that popular because of the big distances and good prices of flights. However there are many reasons why you would prefer travelling by bus especially on short distances:

  • Lower price – almost always
  • Sightseeing
  • No airport security bothering
  • No fear of flying
  • More leg room
  • More comfortable
  • For short distances it can be faster because you won’t lose hours on the airport.

So, what tickets do the guys from GotoBus offer? Well, they go almost anywhere in the USA and the prices are good. For example New-York – Chikago is $220 for a return trip. NY to Atlanta is $175 for return trip, and so on. With buses on the West coast you can go to LA, Las Vegas, just anywhere.

Bus trips can be a great option if you are flying to the USA and staying some time there.

Most GotoBus buses have free wi-fi onboard so you can browse the net while travelling. You should check for your specific destination before booking the bus tickets.

Bus Tours in USA and Abroad

GotoBus also offer bus tours not only in the USA but in the whole world. Here are some of the most interesting tours:

– Yellowstone National Park tours. These start from different US cities and range from 4 to 11 days. This would be an amazing sightseeing trip and the prices start from less than $400.
– If you are looking for something shorter, check the 1-Day Philadelphia Amish Country Tour from New York that costs only about $159.
– More interested in Canada? Maybe the 5-Day Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Niagara Falls Tour From Toronto for $548 is a good option for you.
– What about Europe? There are tours in Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg or France, Switzerland & Italy (The Green Loop), or Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Ausria & more (The Blue Loop) all starting at only $92
– If Latin America is closer to you, there are One Day Mexico City tours for $35, and many more of course.
– In Asia my top choice is the 7-Day Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur) from New Delhi for $875. There are also many good tours in China.
– There are super-cheap tours in the Middle East like the Half day Jerusalem old city Tour for $46
– And of course there are tours in Australia like the Melbourne Highlights PM Tour for $65

There are really a lot of backpacker buses and bus tours in GotoBus. Just explore the site, choose your trip, and don’t forget to write us after that!

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