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Top 10 Bungees Of The World

Are you looking to conquer a fear or looking for a challenge on your next big trip?

Strap a bungee chord to your ankles, battle the fear and throw yourself off one of the 10 highest bungee jumps in the world.

10. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe – 111 metres

It maybe number 10 on the list but this bungee has a spectacular view of the Victoria Falls. Jumpers will also get a superb view of the Zambezi River as they hurtle towards it.

9. Action Valley, Peru – 122 metres

This bungee is near Cusco in Peru and sees bungee jumpers free fall out of a small cage suspended in the air. The cage itself is raised via a hydraulic winch to a height of 122 metres.

8. Auckland Harbour Bridge , Auckland, New Zealand – 134 metres

Get a different view of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. This bungee jump allows tandem jumps and other methods (unlike the Nevis) such as water touching.

7. Nevis Highwire, Queenstown, New Zealand – 134 metres

This bungee is suspended in a valley above the Nevis River. As if it isn’t bad enough making your way across to the cable car, it’s a real test of nerves as the Nevis Pod has a part glass floor to watch other jumpers freefall for eight and a half seconds.
Nevis Highwire Bungee

8.5 seconds of free fall from the Nevis Highwire.

6. Vidraru Dam, Romania – 166 metres

On the Arges River and on the Transfagarasn Road the Vidraru Dam is the site for Romania’s 166 metre high bungee jump. The Vidraru Dam is a beautiful location for a frightful experience.

5. Bhoti Kosi River, Nepal – 166 metres

This nerve racking 166 meter bungee is situated on a steel suspension bridge high above the Bhoti Kosi River on the Nepal and Tibet border. You’ll be screaming all the way into the Bhoti Kosi gorge.

4. Europabrücke bei Innsbruck, Austria – 192 metres

This 192 metre bungee near Innsbruck, Austria allows bungee lovers to jump from under the bridge.

3. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa 216 metres

The Bloukrans Bridge is situated near Nature’s Valley, Western Cape of South Africa. The bridge itself is a huge arch bridge with the Bloukrans river running beneath. At 216 metres high this bungee has a spectacular view if you are willing to brave the height.

2. Locarno, Switzerland – 220 metres

If you remember the opening scenes of Bond film Goldeneye when Bond bungees off a Russian dam? Well that dam is actually in Locarno, Switzerland. You can pretend to be bond by throwing yourself into the air suspended by a rubber chord attached to the Verzasca Dam.

1. Macau Tower, Macau – 233 metres

The Macau Tower bungee jump is the highest in the world at a terrifying 233 metres high. Bungee jumpers face the fear by throwing themselves off the tower towards the concrete streets and tiny people below. A true test of nerve even for the hardcore bungee jumpers.At time of writing : August 02, 2009Article Directory: http://www.ArticleSlash.net