Top 10 Cliff Hanging Monasteries

World’s Top 10 Cliff-Hanging Monasteries


Mountains give an exhilirating sense of reaching the heavens. These elevations are astounding settings for monasteries because of the peace and tranquility that a mountain provides. Such silence in solitude is necessarily sought after by monks and devouts for reflection, meditation, and prayer. The desire for this inner peace moved the people across all cultures and regions to build grand monasteries in mountains of all places.


Since mountains are challenging terrain, these are less trudged and better preserved. Also, the combination of structure and altitude simply makes for a wonderful view. These cliff-hanging monasteries are the world’s finest epitome of true and rare beauty. And backpackers, with their adventurous spirits, don’t ever pass on an opportunity to ascend a tall mountain, see a stunning monastery, or lavish on both.

Top 10 Cliff Hanging Monasteries

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